Are you of legal drinking age in your country?

WI (yes) NON (no)

A few common questions

  • How do I pay you?

    Stripe are our payment service provider they will accept most card types. When you are ordering your payment details will be securely sent to stripe for processing. At no point will Rum Blender view or store your credit card information.

  • Can I save my rum once I've made it?

    Yes, if you make a blend but don't want to buy it right away, you will be given a special bottle number that you can enter on the find page which will take you straight to your bottle!

  • What if I don't like my rum?

    Oh no! We're really sorry if you decide you don't like your rum but if you send us an email with your tasting note as well as your bottle number and an example of a mainstream rum you like, we can try and guide you towards something more palatable next time!

  • Can I choose the bottled date?

    Well... we label the bottle accurately, that is to say truthfully. If it was bottled on the 2nd of January then that is what we put on the label. We're happy to sit on an order and bottle on a requested date just drop us an email after you’ve placed your order and we will reply to confirm receipt.

  • What whiskies do you use?

    They're OUR secret! We encourage you to use 'the force' when it comes to blending in our Lab. The expert tasting notes are your most powerful ally! If we threw in a description about the distillery or the age of the whiskies involved then it would almost certainly taint your judgement in making your blend and we don't want people to feel biased against a region or distillery - we want you to pick what flavours appeal to you the most!

  • Can you ship to my country?

    If you don't find your country listed during the checkout procedure you can email your full shipping address to us and we will try and get a special price for you. Note that customs folks in places like Canada really don't like rum being imported – so please make sure you know your local customs/laws when ordering from us!

  • How quickly will I get my rum?

    Obviously we want you to get your rum as quickly as possible, but despite the fact we've made it look easy, blending is still labour intensive and we don't know how busy the lab will be at any given time. We aim to blend and bottle within 5 working days at most. Shipping varies depending on destination, UK is a 48 hour service, Europe 2-4 days and the rest of the world seems to vary between 5 days and 3 weeks depending on how lucky you are! Remember that we require a signature upon delivery.

  • Will I have to pay customs fees as well?

    We unfortunately can't advise on local duties and taxes. If you're lucky enough to live in the UK or EU you won't need to worry about them. We don't know how much you might be asked to pay if you live in another part of the world nor do we know if some customs agent might decide to exchange your bottle for a nice letter saying, "Thanks, that was delicious" so bear this in mind & know your local laws!

  • Is the parcel tracked?

    Yes! However, because of the service we're using (to keep the shipping fees as low as possible) we don't get this information electronically sent to our customers – we ask you to be patient and allow the postal service to work their magic. In the case of orders going outside of Europe this is usually between 10 & 14 days on top of the 5 days it takes to blend up. If you are REALLY concerned about the delay send us an email ( and we will get a trace put on your parcel.

  • Can I return my blend?

    We will accept returns under certain circumstances. If you have received your bottle in a less than satisfactory condition (incorrect label, damaged: cork, seal or bottle) we will be happy to refund you in full or arrange for a replacement bottle to be sent. We must insist that we are notified within 48 hours of receiving your bottle in order to receive a full refund.

  • How do I cancel my gift voucher

    If you purchased a Rum Blender gift voucher you can request a full refund on it at any time up to its expiry date - after which the voucher is void and useless - so long as it hasn't been redeemed. Simply email us quoting the voucher number or transaction ID ( and we'll handle it as soon as possible.