West Indies

The sweet combination of sun-drenched fruit and sticky molasses come together to recreate the heady bliss of exotic holidays. Best enjoyed in a hammock, without a care in the world.


The perfect balance of warmth and spice, this rum has been on a long journey to become the enticing golden blend you see before you. Evoking the spirit of adventure, it’s the perfect companion for long journeys - or long cocktails.  


Embodying the Scottish tradition of strong spirits for strong spirit, our pristine white rum is a rollicking good time laced with tropical memories. Raise a glass to the people who found it, the people who made it, and the people who bottled it.

The fuel of exploration

Blown off course by the surreptitious caress of a tropical wind, explorers discovered the bewitching shores of the West Indies. While luxuriating in their success, they also discovered the sweet, heady nectar of distilled sugarcane – the next best thing to bottled sunshine. With a healthy supply of this liquid gold, any explorer could face the unknown with a swell in his heart, and a song on his lips.

We source our rum from these same sun-kissed islands, and you can almost taste the adventure right from the first sip.

A welcome souvenir

Returning to Europe, the triumphant sailors offered their precious cargo to friends and family – as a treatment for the cold, for ailment, and of course, for boredom. So popular was the liquor that the Dutch explorers worried it would run out, so they mixed it with their own spirits to create a potent blend that would see out the winter. As time went on, they started to mix in different rums from other far-flung parts of the world, intent on creating the ultimate blend of this unique spirit.

We blend our rum in Amsterdam with the same intrepid nature, mixing together as many different variations as it takes to craft the perfect spirit. Be it white, golden or dark – each batch is a labour of love, time and skill.

A new taste for the old world

Word of this enticing new drink spread far and wide, eventually reaching the stark moors of Scotland – a nation renowned for strong character and even stronger liquor. And while the Water of Life might be the best medicine for the peaty hearths and heather-streaked landscapes of the Highlands, the intoxicating lure of exotic lands and mysterious cultures was all too enticing, and soon the Scots were enjoying rum with the same zeal they usually reserved for their native whisky – a love affair that endures to this day.

We lovingly import our artisanal Dutch blends to the UK – bottle them, brand them, and send them on their way to be enjoyed nationwide. These particular blends were born of a close collaboration between creative rum lovers in Glasgow, and are a small-batch, limited edition run, to be enjoyed in the same fearless spirit as the pioneering explorers who introduced it to the world.

We might advise you to be careful not to drift off-course after one too many – but that’s usually how the greatest adventures begin...

Salud! Proost! Slàinte!


West Indies £90 Buy

Rich and dense with the sticky sweetness of chocolate and caramel. A wonderfully nostalgic and full-bodied rum-raisin taste, with just a hint of exotic yumminess.

Amsterdam £90 Buy

The flavor of soft, golden caramel is offset by heady wood tones and a juicy fruit finish. Delicate notes of oak and vanilla make for a warm and lingering mouth feel.

Scotland £90 Buy

Rich, fragrant and well-rounded with the tropical flavours of ripe banana and raisins. Leaves behind a soft rum taste, laced with buttery sweetness.

The full journey £250 Buy

Take your taste buds on a unique journey from the sultry shores of the West Indies to the windswept wilds of Scotland, via the charming beauty of the Netherlands with the full set of our custom blended rums. The ultimate swashbuckling adventure.

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